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autumn blog!

Why do I need a website at all? I have Facebook and Twitter and use them all of the time to tell people about what I am doing in my business.

This is a question that is often asked by people becoming self-employed, or setting up a business for the first time. Honestly, these platforms are a great way to get online when you are starting; perhaps trying out a new idea, or running a hobby interest alongside a day job. However, the benefits of social media can also be the pitfalls. Yes, easy and free to setup, yes, easy to upload information – but, very transient. The message you put on Facebook or Twitter is here today and gone tomorrow. A client sees something of interest, and then when they want to find it a month later, that is not so easy. A website on the other hand proves that you are really in business. You can be found and verified easily, have all the correct legal documents in place and visible; that gives customers, especially new ones, confidence.

Where does Soinspired stand on social media then?

The answer is that we believe that a social media platform is essential. To keep you in the public eye; to showcase recent projects; to connect with other businesses and clients.

How can you help me with social media?

As we always say, we don’t ‘do’ social media! What we pride ourselves on is making sure that your social media presence represents your brand and making sure that there links and/or integration between all of these platforms. So, if you want:

• A Facebook or Twitter feed on your website
• Icon links to other social media
• To find out how to make your banner images work across all social media platforms
• Help setting up your Google my business account

please just get in touch.

summer blog!

‘Why pay for website hosting?’ This is a question that we get asked a lot. First it's important to understand exactly what you are paying for. For a website to work it needs some physical hardware to run on; this is the server. Your website also needs both CMS and database software. These items need to be maintained for improvements and security vulnerabilities. It is not uncommon to have multiple updates in one month. This always involves human intervention. Your hosting fees should also cover website backup and support. We have recently conducted a survey of month hosting fees and have found them to vary between £10 and £200 per month. Often these costs reflect the complexity of the website. So, in answer to the question ‘Why pay for website hosting?’, we offer a question in return: ‘How much do you value your website?’. Surely it is worth what most people typically pay for their mobile phone monthly contract to keep it updated and running smoothly and securely. Our website hosting packages typically cost much less than this.

Watch this space!