design and build

SoInspired can design and build your website to function across a range of platforms and devices.

we don't just build websites

We take the time to get to know you and your business. It is only by doing this that we can create a website that not only works for you; it truly reflects your business. So, how do we do this? We start every project, no matter how large or small with face-to-face meetings where we will find out what is important to you. We discuss all of your requirements, from design to content and give you a clear idea of what everything will cost. And don't forget, every website that we build, no matter how simple or complex, comes with free training included.

start ups and smaller businesses

If you are in this category, we understand that you may be working within a budget. We believe that you need a professional web presence in order to build up customer confidence and trust. We can help you with a simple website that showcases what you do, template based, but personalised to represent your company. You still get the same expert eye for detail for your content, and a sound support service after. Our start up websites typically cost around £500.

larger businesses

Your company is well-established and may well be looking for a unique design, that really represents your brand. You may also need a complex website, that has many different user types. Perhaps you want to integrate other kinds of business applications; ordering systems or CRM for example. If this is you, our bespoke SEEEMS CMS is ideal. It will be completely customised for you, from start to finish. Our SEEEMS bespoke websites start at around £3,000.



SEEEMS offers a sophisticated, user-friendly CMS system.

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet easy to use online Content Management System; complete freedom of design and layout; a website that can integrate with internal organisational processes; to sell your products using the most flexible shop solution on the market... Look no further - SEEEMS CMS delivers!

open source

We can help you to create a website using Joomla and WordPress open source software.

Are you a start-up or smaller company? Looking for a template based website that will give you an online presence that your business needs; using an open source framework with extensions and plugins; perhaps needing a simple e-commerce solution...
An open source website could be the right choice for you!